Alex Babatunde

  • Location: Biggin Hill, Kent, UK


I strongly believe you should only represent what you believe in. MuscleTech® is a prestigious and reputable brand in the industry. It is a company that invests strongly in research and innovation, and I believe innovation is the future for any business in any industry. I have very clear and big goals, personally, of where I would like to be and take my physique. As a result of this, I train very hard and do not compromise on training quality or nutrition. This is where I and Team MuscleTech® meet, as we both do not compromise on quality. Secondly, being part of a great team is very inspiring. It’s important to have like-minded people around you – you should surround yourself with people who are serious about achieving their goals as you are about yours.



 How has MuscleTech® helped you reach your goals?
MuscleTech® has given me the quality I need, not just with top-of-the-range supplements to complement my training and nutrition, but also giving me the chance to be a part of the team that gives me great motivation and a great platform for my own personal development as an athlete and an ambassador for the company and sport of bodybuilding. I have won the UKBFF London championships this year, and straight after that I won the heavyweight class at the Bodypower Expo. Having great athletes on my team has helped me push myself hard to achieve, and this has been made possible through the support from Team MuscleTech®. – See more at:

What is your favorite exercise?

What are your favorite MuscleTech® supplements?

  • Pre-workout:  PUSH10™
  • Intra: AMINO BUILD™
  • Post-Workout: CELL-TECH
  • Breakfast/Any time of day: NITRO-TECH®
  • Before Bed: PHASE8™