• Location: Harrogate, United Kingdom


I live and grew up in Harrogate. I love a challenge and setting new goals. I train once – sometimes twice – a day. I train for short, intense periods, which enables me to manage prep and training alongside my full-time job. I work in a pre-school within a boarding school. I have also recently qualified as a personal trainer. I started training four years ago. My family had always trained in a gym. Life sometimes throws things at you that are difficult to deal with. I decided to make a change and take control. The skills applied in training, I now incorporate into all aspects of my life. My work ethic, organization and commitment have helped me to achieve my training goals and success in my job and studies. In 2014 I won the UKBFF Cumbrian Classic u163 bikini class and I qualified for the British championships. One of my personal goals is to do well at the UKBFF British Championships. I also hope  to one day be able to compete at an international level. My motivation is to try my best every day, whether it’s improving my physique or achieving a PB in strength. I love the feeling when I accomplish what I have set out to do. I love my training, so I find I am easily motivated.



Why were you interested in being in the MuscleTech team?

I had the pleasure of meeting the UK athletes. The athletes were truly inspiring and so passionate about MuscleTech and training. I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of the team! MuscleTech has been going strong for 20 years, and I really believe and trust in their quality products. I would not want to be part of any other team!

How has MuscleTech helped you to reach your goals?

I have used MuscleTech for over one year now. MuscleTech produces supplements of the highest quality. I truly believe that MuscleTech has helped me achieve my fitness goals. #SHATTER pre-workout has contributed immensely towards my one rep max on a dead lift! AMINO BUILD has also really helped to harden my physique over the past year by utilising the BCAAs. I use AMINO BUILD during training after one serving of #SHATTER.

Favorite MuscleTech supplement and why?
My favorite MuscleTech supplement would have to be PHASE8. I drink it any time of the day as it tastes great and releases at different times over an eight-hour period. I often put PHASE8 in my porridge – it is also great in pancakes! I love to bake and experiment with PHASE8 and other MuscleTech proteins. My favorite recipe to make is my MuscleTech protein bars, which I make using MuscleTech ISO ZERO.

Favorite MuscleTech stack and why?
My favourite MuscleTech stack would have to be CLEAR MUSCLE, #SHATTER and AMINO BUILD. CLEAR MUSCLE contains leucine and HMB, which increase protein synthesis and recovery.

What is your favorite exercise/body part to train?
Dead lift, bench press, and free bar squats I enjoy the most. I love all compound exercises.