Eduardo Macias

  • Location: Guadalajara, Mexico


When did you start training?

I started practicing Crossfit in 2013, first as a hobby but then it grew on me and became a real challenge. I was finishing my workout sessions very tired and I like that. From that moment Crossfit became my challenge.

I began to train harder and soon I started to compete. Even though I did fine in my first competition in the Elite category, I knew it wasn’t enough so I started to train even harder and I won several competitions in Mexico, such as:

The Best Of The Beast
The Dynamic Duo
FSC Winter

What are some of your personal goals?

My goal is to keep competing at the Regional Level in Crossfit events and to start competing internationally in the Crossfit games.

What motivates you to train?

What motivates me the most is to prove to myself that I can improve every day, be a better version of myself. I also like being able to help and motivate other people to get better. It helps set my goals and that motivates me a lot.

Why are you interested in becoming part of Team MuscleTech?

I am interested in being part of Team MuscleTech® because it has been one of my dreams. The fact that a supplement company such as MuscleTech® is supporting me is incredible. Because for me MuscleTech® is the best, they have the best products.



How has MuscleTech® helped you reach a goal?
When you train your body you need to keep it at its peak, and MuscleTech® manages to take my body up to the top, with fast recovery and maximum performance. Day after day MuscleTech® helps me become a better athlete.

Favorite MuscleTech® supplement and why?
NITRO-TECH, because to me it’s the best protein on the market. It really helps me recover.

Favorite MuscleTech® stack and why?
NITRO-TECH and CELL-TECH; best protein and creatine formula for size and strength.

What is your favorite exercise(s)/ favorite body part to train?
My favorite exercises are the clean thruster and muscle up. The parts of my body I like to work are legs and chest.