Jessica Cuny

  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand


I’ve always loved sports and exercising. I started working out as a bodybuilder in October 2013, and more recently have incorporated crossfit into my training. Bodybuilding gives me the best figure, while crossfit is a sport that keeps me fit, is fun and challenging. My goal is to have the best body one could ever have. It amazes me to see how my body changes day by day.

MuscleTech® is the brand that I use to reach my fitness goals, therefore it’s an honor to represent MuscleTech® as a brand ambassador.



How has MuscleTech® helped you reach your goals?
I’ve always taken the Essential Series PLATINUM ISO-WHEY protein because it is very convenient for me and I love the results on my body. I managed to gain lean mass with this Isolate.

Favorite MuscleTech® supplement and why?
I love PLATINUM ISO-WHEY Vanilla Ice Cream. It tastes just like candy to me and the benefits are perfect.

Favorite MuscleTech® stack and why?
I like taking my pre-workout right before the workout. Then I take my PLATINUM ISO-WHEY protein and PLATINUM GLUTAMINE right after my workout.

What is your favorite exercise(s)/ favorite body part to train?
I love working out my glutes and legs.