Nicole Smith

  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand


The very first time I started attending the gym was back when I was 17 years old. My passion for sport and fitness started at a young age. Taking a massive interest in the sport of field hockey, I represented my region at each age level since the age of five, so sport was a big part of my life, it was my hobby. Recently my love, interest and passion grew for the health and fitness industry. Following my hobby, I studied and graduated from university with a Bachelor in Sport and Recreation and more recently I have fallen into the sport of Bodybuilding.

My main focus since the beginning of 2014 has been lifting weights, growing, maintaining my fitness, and studying to become a Les Mills-certified RPM instructor. My bodybuilding adventure and journey started when I was working at Les Mills in Auckland, New Zealand. I was intrigued and wanted to better my understanding of how food and exercise can alter the body to a point where the muscles are completely visible. I had recently lost 10kg and dropped from 36% body fat to 12% while working with a nutritionist.

At the start of 2014, I decided to compete in my first NZIFBB Figure competition. I turned up to the gym, did what I loved and was driven towards a goal I had set myself. I only ever wanted to compete once. Never did I think I would be winning four Medals in the Figure Class throughout the 2014 Bodybuilding Calendar in New Zealand.

Health, fitness and nutrition have undoubtedly taken my body, nutrition and passion to a new level. I have literally fallen into a sport I knew nothing about. Initially I never thought I was capable of achieving what I have so far in my journey. I believe that everyone has a dream they wish to strive for and achieve, and I want to help people understand that they only get one chance to follow their path, turn their negatives into positives, and create something out of what they possibly see as nothing.

My overall main goal is to win my pro card and compete on the Olympia Stage. I want to build a body representing female strength, drive, dedication and determination. I want to become an inspiration and a female icon for health and fitness through my Personal Training business. One thing that makes me smile is seeing someone else succeed in something they never thought they could. I will become a professional Figure Athlete and help others to follow and reach their dreams.



How has MuscleTech® helped you reach a goal?
I use MuscleTech’s Essential Series PLATINUM ISO-ZERO and PLATINUM BCAA and it has helped with my recovery during my offseason growth. Especially participating and teaching endurance-based fitness classes. My muscle retention, recovery and growth is vital.

Favourite MuscleTech® supplement and why?
PLATINUM ISO-ZERO Chocolate is amazing. Firstly, it is gluten free. Finding an isolate protein that works with my body is extremely important especially coming into competition prep. MuscleTech’s PLATINUM ISO-ZERO is great and it makes the best protein pudding!

What is your favourite exercise(s)/ favourite body part to train?
If you follow me on my Instagram ( you will know that backs and shoulders are my absolute favourite body parts to train. Olympic Bar Dead lifts are my ultimate fave exercise and I only ever want to beat my biggest lift every time they are on my scheduled weights program.