Tran Hoang Duy Phuc

  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


I was born and raised in the countryside of Vietnam. I had to work hard early, so when I was a child I desired a robust body that could do a lot of work to support my family, to make a better life.

Before I knew bodybuilding, I had played many sports, such as table tennis, football, taekwondo, etc., but becoming a professional athlete was not in the cards for me, so I decided to try bodybuilding. The first time I approached bodybuilding, I was 18 years old and in school. I just wanted to train to improve my health and to get larger . . . but as luck would have it, I became a member of Ho Chi Minh Bodybuilding Team. With my enthusiasm and hard work, I was able to succeed at the following achievements:

– 3 Gold Medals – Ho Chi Minh Young Bodybuilding Championships (2009, 2010, 2011)

– 1 Gold Medal – National Young Bodybuilding Championships (2011)

– 2 Silver Medals – National Young Bodybuilding Championships (2009, 2010)

– 1 Bronze Medal – Ho Chi Minh Bodybuilding Championships (2012)

* National Bodybuilding Championships:

– 1 Gold Medal – Men’s Bodybuilding, 60kg weight class (2013)

– 1 Silver Medal – Men’s Singles, 60kg weight class (2014)

– 3 Gold Medals – Men and Women’s Bodybuilding (2012, 2013)

* National Games:

– 1 Silver Medal – Men’s Bodybuilding, 60kg weight class

– 1 Gold Medal – Men and Women’s Bodybuilding (2014)

For 2015, I will try my best to achieve my goals. And I strongly believe that the support of MuscleTech® will help me succeed faster.



How has MuscleTech helped you reach your goals?

MuscleTech® has given me what I need; high-quality products. I have gotten a chance to become a member of Team MuscleTech®, which has given me a great environment for my development as an athlete and spokesman for the company and the sport of bodybuilding. And Muscletech®’s supplements have helped me to gain perfect muscle and allowed me to have great performances. I have received a chance to take part in the Asian Bodybuilding Championships next October, then I also plan to join the World Bodybuilding Championships next November, so I believe MuscleTech® can help me achieve my goals.


What is your favorite MuscleTech supplement and why?

MASS-TECH is my favorite MuscleTech® supplement. It provides enough calories to enhance size and intensity of training. It provides high-quality protein in every serving size that is designed for harder bodybuilders to gain muscle mass and size. MASS-TECH also contains 7g of leucine per serving, which pushes the anabolic process faster, increasing strength and raising the efficacy of workouts and performance.

What is your favorite MuscleTech® stack and why?

My favorite MuscleTech® stack is:


Protein: MASS-TECH

Anarchy and HYDROXYCUT HARDCORE ELITE help me increase my energy to their high level of concentration, also enhancing muscle strength. In addition, HYDROXYCUT HARDCORE ELITE’s potent formula works to give energy to improve training. Besides, when I train with enhanced intensity, I also need a high-calorie source, and MASS-TECH is the perfect choice. It produces enough calories and high-quality protein, including a high concentration of BCAAs, to put my body in the perfect state for repair and recovery.


What is your favorite exercise?
My favorite exercise is squats.