While you strive to create that proportionate, muscular and generally well-developed physique, there is always a grey cloud hanging over those lagging body parts, so what do you do about them?

Below I’ve broken down some of the common muscle groups and added tips on how to balance out dominant muscle groups.

1. Improve your biceps size if your triceps dominate

  • Lead your gym session with your biceps
  • Pre-exhaust your biceps
  • Split your biceps away from arm day
  • Increase the volume and load progressively over time
  • Slow it down, adopt the time under tension method

2. Improve your chest when your back dominates

  • Add some intra-workout chest stretches between sets
  • Include bands for added resistance
  • Switch to dumbbells instead of the traditional barbell movements
  • Increase your chest training frequency
  • Favor muscular contraction over maximum load

3. Improve your legs when your upper body is dominant

  • Increase your rep range from 8-10 to 10-15, then 15-20 per set
  • Increase training frequency from once to twice a week
  • Complete every rep using the rest-pause method
  • Learn how to foam roll your legs to aid growth and recovery
  • Change things up periodically, adding methods like explosive training

So before you run off to the gym, here are some other tips you can apply to all of the above or any lagging muscles you have:

  • Make sure you have an adequate nutrition plan
  • Don’t neglect recovery, from foam rolling to mobility – believe it or not, this is part of musclebuilding and is often neglected
  • Build your intensity and volume over time; Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither will your well-developed physique
  • Push yourself every session – i.e., finish sets and reps – progress isn’t made from comfort zones

These processes have all helped me in some shape or form, so share the knowledge and let’s grow together.