Want to build a serious chest with striations and depth? Here are my top five exercises for full chest development.

1. Incline Dumbbell Chest Press at 45-Degree Angle

The incline helps develop the upper chest, which will give your chest more of a full look. I would advise starting every chest workout with incline. It’s a common weak point physique-wise and strength-wise. This is a great way to hit any gaps while you’re still fresh in your workout.

2. Barbell Flat Bench Press

Barbell bench press is a great movement for overall mass and thickness throughout the mid and bottom of the chest. Bench press is one of the most common exercises that people injure themselves doing, so make sure to practice the movement with proper form and tempo. Bench press is also a great movement for developing power.

3. Wide-Grip Dips

Dips are great for building the lower part of the chest in terms of thickness and also added shape. Make sure to lean forward and take a wide grip to get full chest activation.

4. Single-Arm Chest Fly on the Pec Deck

I’ve recently started incorporating this into my workouts to help bring my inner chest up. To properly execute the movement, make sure to do a half circle to the opposite side of the shoulder to keep tension in the inner chest.

5. Push-Ups

A great exercise to finish the chest with. Make sure to change hand stances from super-wide to get outside of the chest, to moderate width for mid chest, and close to hit inner chest and triceps.