Lisa-Marie Doe

  • Location: Dubai, UAE


From an early age, Lisa-Marie knew that fitness was her calling. Growing up in the United Kingdom, Lisa competed in cross country at the county level and has always been in awe of what the body can achieve.

She now lives in Dubai, UAE, and works as a personal trainer and nutritionist. “I get a massive sense of pride from helping people understand and strive for what they are truly capable of. I love the mechanics of nutrition and the synergy between fuel and development, which is why the MuscleTech brand is so close to my heart,” says Lisa-Marie.

She first competed in 2015 and has caught the “competition bug” since, so be sure to keep an eye out for this rising star!


  • INBA Dubai, 2nd place
  • Bikini Model Tall, 1st place
  • 3x Miss Fitness, 1st place
  • Bikini Overall, 1st place
  • IFBB Bikini Tall, 3rd place

Q&A WITH Lisa-Marie

How has MuscleTech helped you reach your goals??
I know just how important the right nutrition is to achieving your goals, and to be part of the MuscleTech team is a huge sense of achievement. There is a real family feel to the team here in Dubai, and it’s great to share our fitness journey with our supporters across the world.

Do you have any advice?
Be patient with your fitness goals, surround yourself with good people and make sure you are mentally prepared for the challenge. Bodybuilding or competing at a serious level is tough on your body and your mind.

What is your favourite MuscleTech stack?
Clear Muscle, CELL-TECH HYPER-BUILD, Amino Build Next Gen, Platinum Carnitine.

What is your favourite exercise?
I love the lactic acid burnout in my quads and glutes!