Gakic VO2 Max SX-7

  • Immediate 22.5% Increase in Strength
  • Added Terminalia for Significant VO2 Max Increase
  • Works After Very First Dose
  • Scientifically Increases Muscle Endurance by 21%

The Science Behind Gakic VO2 Max SX-7

Gakic VO2 Max SX-7 is the most advanced non-stimulant pre-workout strength enhancer we’ve ever made!

GAKIC VO2 MAX SX-7 is the most advanced, non-stimulant pre-workout complex we’ve ever formulated! This cutting-edge, groundbreaking supplement was formulated to deliver immediate and significant increases in strength and muscle endurance, along with significant improvements in VO2 max and absolute power! GAKIC® VO2 MAX SX-7™ gives a whole new meaning to AMRAP (as many reps as possible) and gives you an undeniable edge over your competition. The unstoppable training and performance endurance that GAKIC® VO2 MAX SX-7™ delivers is a difference-maker between you and your opponents! GAKIC® VO2 MAX SX-7™ is also unlike any other pre-workout product you’ve ever tried or that is currently on the market, because nobody else has used this combination of core ingredients, and no other brand can deliver the patented core ingredient. You can only get GAKIC® from MuscleTech®!

Increase in Strength
Increase in Strength

Powerful, groundbreaking core ingredients


GAKIC® is a cutting-edge ingredient complex that is exclusive to MuscleTech®. This patented, scientifically-formulated complex has been studied at multiple universities and engineered to work directly at the muscle fiber level to dramatically improve fatigue resistance and boost muscle growth stimulus by allowing athletes to lift more weight for more reps. GAKIC® is made up of glycine, l-arginine, alpha-ketoisocaproic calcium. The research backing the GAKIC® complex has been published in the world-leading journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, and is protected by U.S. patent #6,100,287. This ingredient complex is only available from MuscleTech® and can’t be found in any other formula!

Terminalia arjuna

Terminalia arjuna bark extract is a unique extract of Terminalia arjunaTerminalia arjuna has a long-standing history of traditional use. What’s more, recent research has shown that Terminalia arjuna can increase VO2 max and improve average absolute power.

The Research: Immediate First-Dose Strength Gain

Researchers at a prestigious university put the core GAKIC® VO2 MAX SX-7™ complex to the test in a human study and found that resistance-trained men significantly increased their total load volume on the leg press by 22.5% more than when using a placebo.

Total Load Volume (kg)


Time of Dynamic Fatigue Exercise (Mins.)


In another human study conducted at a different top university, subjects experienced first-dose strength gains (increased total work performance) at 0, 5 and 15 minutes after taking the core GAKIC® VO2 MAX SX-7™ complex vs. using a placebo by 12%, 9% and 11%, respectively – an average strength increase of 10.5%! What’s more, in the same study, the core GAKIC® VO2 MAX SX-7™ complex also improved fatigue resistance, increasing muscle performance (force) at 0, 5, and 15 minutes by 28%, 21% and 14% more, respectively, than when subjects used a placebo – that’s an incredible average increase of 21%!

Significant Increase in VO2 Max

The power of GAKIC® VO2 MAX SX-7™ doesn’t end with just the GAKIC® complex. Team MuscleTech® researchers poured through scientific journals from around the world looking for the perfect ingredient to stack with GAKIC®, and discovered the performance-enhancing ingredient Terminalia arjuna in a groundbreaking study published in the International Journal of Ayurveda Research. In this 8-week human clinical study, subjects using the precise dose of Terminalia arjuna in GAKIC® VO2 MAX SX-7™ experienced a significant increase of 4.9% in VO2 max! VO2 max was measured through gas exchange kinetics. Subjects also significantly increased average absolute power by 3.6% as measured through interval jumps and a subsequent power calculation.

How GAKIC VO2 Max SX-7 Works

When training, metabolic fatigue sets in due to the build-up of various metabolic by-products, which negatively affects exercise performance and inhibits some aspects of the muscle’s contractile machinery. GAKIC® VO2 MAX SX-7™ helps your body deal with this metabolic fatigue, and thus delays this moment of failure, helping you get 1, 2 or even 3 more reps in. The end results are immediate gains in strength, and unstoppable training and performance endurance!

How to take GAKIC VO2 Max SX-7

Take 1 serving (8 caplets) 30 to 45 minutes before your workout. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided.

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