Stretching after training is a great way to jump-start the recovery process and could actually speed your muscle growth. Right after training is an ideal time because your muscles are pumped, and manually stretching them helps expand the connective tissue and fascia that surrounds the muscle. This can also improve their shape and enhance muscle separation – here are some key stretches for all your muscle groups.

Chest Stretch

Chest Stretch
To stretch your chest, stand facing forward, clasping your hands together behind your back and pushing your chest forward. For an even deeper stretch, have a friend stand behind you and gently push your arms closer together behind your back.

Deep runner's lunge

Deep Runner’s Lunge 
The deep runner’s lunge will target the hip flexors that are utilized during many leg exercises.

Bicep Stretch

Biceps Stretch
This stretch will target your biceps and forearms.

Upward facing dog

Upward-Facing Dog
This stretch will target your abs.

Quadriceps Stretch

Quadriceps Stretch
This stretch targets your quad muscle at the front of your leg. Make sure to stretch both quads.

Hamstring stretch

Hamstring Stretch
This stretch targets your hamstring muscle group on the back of your leg.