Myth #1

Abdominal exercises help to diminish fat in the stomach region.

Fact: Consistent ab workouts are great to strengthen the muscles of the stomach but will not completely help to make those muscles more evident.

Myth #2

Sit-ups are the best exercise for toning the abs.

Fact: Actually, all abdominal exercises can be equally effective at working the stomach muscles when performed properly. If you really want to tone the abs, try doing a new exercise each week and work it to failure.

Myth #3

If your abs are not sore the day after your workout, then you did not work them hard enough.

Fact: While muscle soreness can be an indicator of a good workout, a lack of it does not necessarily mean that you didn’t work hard enough. In fact, too much pain is a major warning sign of overtraining. Essentially, as long as you challenged yourself as much as possible, the muscle will be stimulated and positive growth and development will occur.

Myth #4

It is not necessary to train the abs because they get a good workout from all of the other exercises performed.

Fact: The abs act as stabilizing muscles for many exercises you perform. But in order to really tighten and strengthen the abs, you still have to stimulate them in ways in which they have never been before, just like any other muscle group.

Myth #5

Abdominal machines are the best way to tone your abs.

Fact: While machines can be effective at helping you flatten your stomach, using only machines will probably limit your ultimate potential. Incorporating a variety of different types of ab-toning exercises is the best way to get the body you want, whether you are targeting your stomach or any other area of your body.

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