Zac Leason

  • Location: Biggin Hill, Kent, UK


I come from a sporting background of sprinting and football, both at high levels. After an injury, I had to hit the gym for my recovery and begin to rebuild. I fell in love with training and I wanted to see what I could do and how far I could push myself in the gym, so I entered a bodybuilding show. The person who encouraged me to do this also recommended MuscleTech® and showed me their top athletes, and from then on, I was hooked. I always wanted to be part of this team from my first show to now, so this is a dream come true! My achievements to date are 2 x UKBFF British Finalist, UKBFF East of England Junior Champion 2014, Mr. Coventry Heavyweight Champion 2013.



How has MuscleTech® helped you reach your goals?

After meeting the team, it’s great to be part of the family, who are all so confident, positive and forward thinking. They are all reaching new heights daily, which is pushing me further in life. At MuscleTech®, they put so much time into formulating the best products, and I believe the science behind the products can only help me and push me closer to my goals.

Favourite MuscleTech® supplement and why?
Tied between CELL-TECH & AMINO BUILD. I stack them together.

What are your favorite MuscleTech® supplements?

  • PHASE8

What is your favourite exercise(s)/favourite body part to train?
It has to be back. I believe shows are won from behind, so my favourite exercises are bent over row, single-arm row, and close-grip row.